Welcome to Your Island Office

Virtual Offices with Meeting Rooms

We are a coworking space based on offering various virtual office solutions with mixed use of space for meetings and coworking. Our location is in the signature building Torre Empresarial AIRD Suite 1102 on Av Sarasota in Santo Domingo. 

John Boyter

I have worked with our coworking space in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic for about 10 years and have been a business owner in the Caribbean for almost 15 years. Our coworking space is now focused on virtual office solutions with mixed use of meeting rooms and coworking space.  I market the virtual office plans of Your Island Office including the Premium Plan Plus where we recommend attorneys, accountants and consultants from our network and database. Furthermore I work independently as a real estate agent and blog weekly about my business and about working remotely and the future of work. 


Real Estate Agent


I have worked in and around real estate since 2006 and started out with residential real estate and then for a number of years worked with commercial real estate in Santo Domingo and took the CCIM courses in the US. I started our coworking space Your Island Office and worked on other projects and have spent time in the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Cayman Islands and Miami and have experience with real estate both as an agent and as an investor. In Santo Domingo I still work with commercial real estate as part of Inmobiliaria Sarasota and broker Raysa Suarez team "Commercial Leasing Specialists". 

Listing Agent

I develop our websites for the business and have years of experience working with online marketing using SEO tools and social media with blogging creating content. When it comes to listing properties I work more the old fashioned way by referral and word of mouth meeting with clients at my favorite coffee shops in the area of Santo Domingo where I work as a real estate agent. I focus on apartments starting at a listing price of 250,000 USD. 

Areas in Santo Domingo

I work in the areas of Santo Domingo around the location of my office and where I live and they are among the most exclusive areas of the city. Bella Vista, Av Sarasota, Los Cacicazgos and Av Anacaona. 

International Marketing

Remote Working

I live in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic and use my own virtual office service with meeting rooms Your Island Office as platform for a business which I call YMO Marketing. I travel often to the US especially Miami and spend the summers in Aarhus, Denmark where I am originally from.